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“I strongly encourage every pastor and church staff member to register for the upcoming Alabama LeaderLabs training with Dr. Fred Garmon. You will be stretched to become a better leader as you learn more about yourself, leading others, and the water you swim in (church culture). The added benefit of attending LeaderLabs in Alabama is learning alongside your peers. Don’t miss out on this incredible training that will teach you the “ten essential skills” of a leader of excellence.”

Terry Hart
Administrative Bishop

“Dr. Fred Garmon is a 21st Century communicator and trainer that will challenge you to rethink your leadership style. His practical leadership principles will personally cause you to search your heart and style of leadership. LeaderLabs is a must for all ministers and local church leadership. Your life and the life of your church will be transformed.”

Michael J. Stigile
State Youth and Discipleship Director

“My experience with LeaderLabs was life-changing. I encourage all women in leadership to register now…come with your spouse, or come alone. It’s a top-notch training to give you the tools to be a leader of excellence. LeaderLabs has empowered me not to settle for less than what I am destined to be in the Kingdom. The personal assessments were extremely valuable to me in helping me with self-awareness…knowing who I am, and who I am not…being the best ME I can be, and helping others around me to be the best they can be. There are so many rich nuggets in each session that will challenge you to be greater. It has opened my eyes to what can be…LeaderLabs helped me dream again.”

Marcia Stigile
State Girls Ministries Coordinator