World Missions

Terrell Brinson
State Missions Representative

Since 2006, the Church of God in Alabama has given almost Ten (10) million ministry dollars to World Missions! It is because of your faithfulness to Christ’s final command that today the ministry of the Church of God lifts up the name of Jesus in 181 nations around the world. More than 300 missionaries and national workers are on assignment, 74 orphanages are caring for children and 117 Bible schools and training centers are disciplining and training almost 30,000 students!

This page is dedicated to providing information about our Alabama state missions projects along with introducing you to our state world mission board. We stand ready to answer any question you may have in regards to the Great Commission and World Missions.

It is our honor to work beside you as we partner to fulfill HIS ‘Call’ and reach the harvest around the world!

– Terrell Brinson, State Missions Representative


Current Focus


Alabama State World Missions Projects

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Project Number: #102-9044-010