Bishop Terry Hart
Bishop Terry HartState Administrative Bishop
Ryan Bristow
Ryan BristowYouth & Discipleship Director
Alton C. Bristow
Alton C. BristowAdministrative Liaison
Ora Hart
Ora HartState Women's Ministries and Discipleship Director
Paula Bristow
Paula BristowState Girls Ministries Coordinator
Gail Bristow
Gail BristowWomen’s Evangelism Coordinator


Tena Welborn
Tena WelbornState Treasurer
Tammie Dodd
Tammie DoddExecutive Assistant to the Administrative Bishop
Debbie Lairsey
Debbie LairseyAdministrative Liaison | Evangelism & Ministerial Reporting
Robbie Strain
Robbie StrainReceptionist, Women’s Discipleship, Bookkeeping
Lexie Timmons
Lexie TimmonsAdministrative Assistant to Director of Youth & Discipleship


FRONT ROW (Left to Right): Richie Nobles, Kevin McGlamery, Terry Hart, Doug Baker, Leslie Lupton
BACK ROW (Left to Right): Randall Eubanks, Keith Owensby, Keith Stanford, Justin Driver, David Cox, Heath Tinker, Chris Bell, Ken Hall