Join us in the fight for freedom from sexual exploitation.


HoC Executive Director

After five years as a City of Refuge program, House of Cherith, Inc. is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization being led by Executive Director , Kelsi Deel.

We have all encountered Kelsi at different points along her exceptional journey to becoming a leader of an impactful organization. Many of you know Kelsi as daughter of Bruce and Rhonda Deel, a young woman raised serving women and children at The Mission church who developed a passion and compassion for those living in poverty – especially for those who are trafficked and sexually exploited 

Some of you know Kelsi as a competitive student at Lee University where she studied Spanish education and undoubtedly crushed opponents on the ball fields.

 Others of you know Kelsi as the caring yet strong-willed Director of House of Cherith who led the program in impacting over 700 survivors of sexual exploitation, is trained and certified in all aspects of sex trafficking, and is invited to speak to audiences in churches, schools, and other organizations as an expert in this field.

Today we all have an opportunity to know Kelsi in her new role as Executive Director. Although COR will continue to support HOC in many ways, Kelsi and her team are establishing their own fundraising and operational practices enabling HOC, like the women they serve, to function as a self-sufficient and sustainable organization.

As we continue to witness Kelsi in her growth as a professional, it is valuable to recognize how she is moving forward in her transition fromDirector of a program to Executive Director of an organization . Kelsi has established a measurable, executable three-year strategic plan that includes achievable outcomes, key performance indicators, and strategic initiatives, not only in the area of programming, but also in the functional areas of branding, development, operations, and governance. By developing data-driven accountability, HOC is able to demonstrate program impact, evaluate progress in achieving strategic planning objectives, engage in continuous quality improvement, and create a solid foundation for growth and scaling.

Kelsi has already taken some very important steps in establishing a sustainable organization that will deliver measurable impact in Atlanta and other communities. We hope that you will be inspired to join HOC’s fight for freedom and watch Kelsi and her new organization grow! Look for future communications where we will share specifically how HOC measurably impacts survivors of sexual exploitation.


“Fighting for freedom is a task that I do not take lightly – no man, woman or child should ever have to experience this terrible injustice. But where there is darkness, there is an immense opportunity for light. As we join hands, join hearts and join this fight for freedom, we are empowering survivors to take back the keys to their voice, their dreams, their story and their freedom.”

– Kelsi Deel